Monday, 20 May 2013

What's Going On...

According to the local Parish Plans published in 2007 (Aldermaston, Brimpton, Woolhampton) good communication about news and events in the ward was a key aim to ensure healthy village life and encouraging positive community engagement.

As a result it was decided a concerted effort would be made to 'improve the quality, circulation and amount of information that is available' to villagers. This included, among other things, better utilisation of the Parish websites and the provision of new Parish noticeboards, where appropriate.

Below are two of the new noticeboards...

Noticeboard at Douai Park
Noticeboard at A4 lay-by
Sadly, these noticeboards aren't exactly overflowing with notices, and several residents have passed comments to your Focus Team that it remains difficult to find out what's happening and how to get involved.

It is one of the pleasures of living here to see the high level of popular activities which are supported by the community relative to the population size, and it can often be a surprise for newcomers and less well connected residents to discover the wide variety on offer.

Among forthcoming events Woolhampton will celebrate Coronation Day on 2nd June at Douai Park (with proceeds going towards the Pavilion Restoration Fund) and Midgham will hold its annual Village Fete on 31st August.

More regular events to be found in the Parish magazines include everything from the Women's Institute meetings, Baby & Toddler's and Senior's groups, Tea Dances, Coffee Mornings and Lunch Club, various exercise groups, walking tours and indoor sports, all the way through to art classes and the monthly village markets.

LibDems support initiatives to develop vibrant local communities, and we want to see resources utilised to best effect so that everyone can be catered for.

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