Sunday, 19 May 2013

Local News: Douai Park Pavilion Gets Go-Ahead

Outline planning permission has been granted to demolish and rebuild the sports pavilion at Douai Park recreation field.

The dilapidated 1920's structure lacks adequate facilities and is in serious need of renewal, however some concerns continue that the two-storey design may be over-ambitious - especially considering the need to raise £1/2m in voluntary donations and other funding.

The Far Pavilion
The most contentious suggestion, however, is for a 49-space car park to be build with a permanent access road across the field.

The business plan presented by Douai Park Recreation Association for the new building intends to maximise its' usage and raise fees from bookings for a range of community events beyond the current sporting purposes, and this requires improved access.

As the photo shows, however, drivers commonly park adjacent to the pavilion anyway and any change would merely formalise a current reality. Additionally a car park in that location could resolve the long-standing problem of finding a drop-off point for children being taken to Woolhampton Village Primary School.

Local LibDems have offered tentative support for the scheme, based upon the visual impact of the building and financial projections.

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