Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Network Rail Update on Frouds Lane Bridge

Many Aldermaston ward residents will be aware of ongoing plans for the electrification of the railway between Reading and Newbury, which involves some serious engineering work.
Frouds Lane bridge and engineering works

 However, the disruption caused to rail and road travel has also become a regular feature of local life.
Frouds Lane is closed

So it has been a relief to many to hear the latest progress report from Network Rail on the works.

Accordingly, NR reports that the final pre-cast bridge units were installed in place over the course of the weekend of 18/19 January, which allowed the concrete bridge deck to be set. This major structural stage was completed on 4th February.

The next steps are the waterproofing of the deck, followed by installation of the bridge aproaches and stabilisation of the road embankments.

Many thanks to Carrillion Team for the update - let's hope the work continues successfully apace, so that normality can return and we can enjoy the improvements!

Saturday, 1 February 2014

Patience rewarded...

It's been a long time coming [1, 2, 3], but with thanks to your local Focus team these announcements have finally been posted:

Sadly the recent bad weather has caused a 6-week delay in the building schedule and the new shelter is expected to be in place for April showers... let's hope it's not needed in spring like it has been during winter!