Monday, 28 October 2013

'On Track' With Local Station Manager Alison Stone

Last Saturday we were lucky enough to be able to meet with First Great Western's Alison Stone, Station Manager for Aldermaston and Midgham stations.

James Spackman with Alison Stone
It was a very useful meeting where we had the opportunity to ask a wide range of questions relating to the local rail and station services provided by FGW.

The first topic for discussion covered the redevelopment of Aldermaston station and reasons for long delays rebuilding at Midgham (see here and here).

Following this we talked about the effect of new car-parking charges at Aldermaston and the potential for their introduction at Midgham.

Then we raised issues of passenger safety, vehicle security and potential need for CCTV in local stations.

Next on the agenda was growing demand for cycle lock-up facilities.

Finally we discussed solutions for overcrowding on local trains during rush-hour, issues surrounding scheduled engineering works, rumoured reductions in service after electrification of the line and further above-inflation ticket price rises.

We noted that 5% discounts apply on Thames Valley routes because punctuality remains stubbornly low, at 89.2% for the month and 86% for the year (to 12th October) - below required targets of 92% and 89% respectively. Service reliability is on target [ref].

Alison explained she sympathises with the varied concerns of rail users, but finds many of these difficulties stem from enabling effective communication between the corporate stakeholders Network Rail and her employer rail franchisee FGW.

She said it was a very constructive session, promising to use our feedback to help inform the decision-making process and remain engaged with local residents and travellers about forthcoming developments.

In the meantime you can:
If you have an issue regarding local train services email:
If you have an issue regarding local station services call:  0800 912 0843

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