Thursday, 13 June 2013

Lift-off At Brimpton Airshow

It was good turnout at Brimpton Airfield for the annual Airshow and Fly-in last Sunday.

Crowds gather to watch the Fly-in
More than 100 people had a lovely day watching more than 30 aeroplanes, all designed to raise awareness of the good work done by the Thames Valley & Chiltern Air Ambulance Trust.

Among attendees, LibDem Parliamentary Candidate Judith Bunting joined your local Aldermaston Ward team to enjoy the afternoon.

Judith commented, "It's not often you see nearly as many people fly-in to an event as turn up in cars - it was a really fun day!"

High visibility!
The weather was cooler than the rest of the weekend, but stayed fine. There was only one report of burns - around the barbeque - which luckily didn't require air-lifting to hospital!

High visibility, medium cloud coverage and intermittently gusty wind meant good conditions for flying, for both the vintage 'planes and the radio-controlled model display.

After circling the beautiful airfield grounds we descended on the TVCAA stall.

Judith Bunting PPC at the TVCAA stall
There we met TVCAA volunteer John S. and listened as he explained the vital types of work undertaken by the Air Ambulance service - such as airlifting traffic accident victims to specialist treatment centres.

Judith said, "I was glad to meet John S. from the Air Ambulance and to hear about the good work they do in West Berkshire and beyond. They're an impressive outfit, and I signed up to their lottery as soon as I got home."

You too can give your support to the charity by signing up at their website:

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