Friday, 1 February 2013

Aldermaston Ward Profile

West Berkshire website has an official profile of all wards within the council area.

Here is the profile for Aldermaston Ward (383kb).

As you can see from the map, the area is bisected by the Great Western Railway and A4 along the Kennet valley floor, while the A340 follows the high ground to the south-east of the River Enbourne.

Several statistics are worth noting:
  • total population is estimated at around 3,000, in 1167 dwellings; 
  • the area has lower-than-average population density, reflecting the rural character; 
  • average ages are higher than the surrounding area, and this disparity is projected to grow; 
  • deprivation reflects relatively high unemployment in youth and elderly age groups; 
  • 26% of people have no educational qualifications, compared to 22% in West Berkshire; 
  • commuting distances are significantly higher-than-average, though many more people work from home; and
  • more high-value homes mean proportionately more senior managers and professionals live here.
So although the area is relatively wealthy, this fact obscures high levels of inequality which causes many young adults to move in search of better jobs and more affordable housing. Transport, education and access to services are therefore significant issues, while value for money is a high priority for taxpayers.

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